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April 22, 2024

Considering Property Management in Tampa, Florida? Read This First

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Originally founded as Fort Brooke in 1824, Tampa is currently the 3rd largest city in Florida behind Jacksonville and Miami. Tampa is now home to nearly 400,000 people, good for 49th in the list of most populated American cities. Tampa along with St. Petersburg, Clearwater and surrounding metro areas combined are home to over 3.1 million residents.

Tampa Bay boasts great cuisine, beautiful beaches, great professional sports teams and several Fortune 1000 companies.

To our west is Clearwater Beach, with gorgeous, white sandy beaches, where you can soak up the sun and gaze upon the incredible, colorful sunsets.

To our east lie hundreds of acres of farm land agriculture, natural habitats, and scenic parks.

To the south is Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Sarasota and Naples - each with their own magnetic draws, from nightlife to casual strolls, to fishing, biking and water sports.

Go north and you'll pass a casino, followed by beautiful scenery and you'll eventually come to Orlando, home to Mickey and all his friends.

This is Tampa - the heart of Tampa Bay, and property management here, is just different.

A Deeper Dive Into Tampa Resident Statistics

Let's start with an eye-opening stat - 65%. That is the national average of residents that own a home in the U.S.

In Tampa, just 50% of residents own a home - 15% lower than the national average. That translates to a considerable amount of residents that rent. It's easy to see that there is market for rental properties. Especially when you consider the fact that there are professional property management companies in Tampa that can handle all of the ins and outs.

How Seniors and Students Impact The Housing Market

Most people outside of the state of Florida consider it to be the place where retirees from the East Coast move to when they reach retirement age. In Tampa, approximately 11% of Tampa residents are seniors (over the age of 65).

However, an often overlooked fact is that there are over 175,000 students in Tampa, attending one of 80 universities. From Eckerd College, to the University of Tampa, and onto the University of South Florida, students thrive in Tampa.

So, how can seniors and students impact the housing market? In a word, rent.

Rental prices in Tampa have skyrocketed since 2019 - up nearly 31%. Seniors who may be on a fixed income are now renting, and students are also feeling the same demands.

Understanding the people who live here and call Tampa home, we can better determine the needs and requirements of residents and deliver exceptional services.

What Makes A Property Management Company Stand Out?

According to, there are over 200 property management companies in Tampa. That leaves one with quite a few options. As an interesting side note, the #1 rated company on their website is actually based in Jacksonville, so take those ratings with a grain of salt.

The ranking of a company that's over 200 miles away notwithstanding, there are some important factors to consider, such as: Is the company reliable?; How many properties do they currently manage?; and Are they improving ROI for their clients?

It's also important to know what a property management company focuses on. Are they customer service oriented? Do they take the time to understand their clients and follow guidelines to ensure that they get the best ROI?

What's important to you is what is important to us.

Enter Boss Lady. We have the expertise to manage property, increase occupation rates, reduce maintenance costs and shorten the time between occupancies. Maximizing your rental revenue is easier with us.

The Boss Lady Difference

With Boss Lady, you get the best property management services in Tampa, including:

- Full Service Management

- Maintenance Oversight

- Tenant Placement Assistance

- Simplified Rent Collection

- Asset Protection

- Improved ROI

We're making a difference in Tampa, and we can help you improve your rental property ROI. Choose expert experts to manage your properties. Choose Boss Lady to offer the best service in the bay.

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